Thursday, March 4, 2010

Take the time it takes!

It’s about the process! Not the end Result!
We can put so much pressure on ourselves to be able to do a posture. We can judge ourselves and think during our yoga practice, “why can’t I do the full expression of side plank? Why doesn’t my eagle look like hers? Why do I have to modify in each practice? When will I be able to do crow?”
Why do we expect ourselves to immediately see results? Why do we place that expectation on ourselves? HMMMMM….
Yoga allows you a forum to come to the mat, where you are at, without judgement, without comparison. It is interesting that once we let go of an “expectation” of ourselves and allow ourselves to just “be” to just exist in THE moment on the mat how our bodies and mind slowly unfold and unlock. I think the expectations we place on ourselves when we are on the mat creates brace or tension in our body and mind and as we release to what IS and exist in the moment our brace and tension fall away and our body and mind become more pliable.
I was extremely rigid in both body and mind when I began yoga. I went to yoga training with 40 others students, many were much more flexible than me and had more body awareness. I remember immediately judging myself, “these students are younger than me, look at how open their hips are, my lord all the guys can do handstand”…. On and on it goes… It was part of my journey to realize that it does not matter where I am in comparison to someone else. It is about having the right attitude. The attitude that this is where I am at RIGHT NOW, in this moment…. PERIOD! Making no projections on where I should be, or want to be, but where I am right now and it is OK! When I began to let go of judgment and expectations of myself, and began to in the moment feel what I feel, existing in who I am right now, really focusing in my postures. It resulted in noticing my body parts, breath, and both comfort and discomfort in varying postures, it facilitated staying present for myself and caused personal, mental and physical growth.
And how about with our horse? How often do we set an unreasonable expectation or judgment on our horse? Why do we pressure our horses to do something they have not been prepared for? Looking for the end product rather than working on the foundation with our horse. So, just MAYBE our unrealistic expectation is causing a brace in our horse’s mind and body and when we focus on the process rather than getting the result right now, release to what is and exist in the moment their brace falls away, their body and mind become more pliable….. HMMM???
The quality of the result will come much better if you stay in the moment, take the time it takes, allow yourself to be with “you”, allow yourself to be there for your “horse” preparing moment by moment, having peace, love and embrace and just letting go of any judgment of yourself or others.

Let me know how you are coming along in your practice and what you are noticing in your everyday life and horsemanship. Join ZennerYoga facebook group and post your progress or write me with questions at This will help me help you and others at the same time!

Be Blessed,

Theresa Zenner


  1. Hi Theresa
    I have been doing the level 1 DVD for about 3 months now. I thought my wrists would get used to the pressure of downward dog, but they are still sore most of the time. Ideas?
    Jean Menden

  2. Before yoga, I had high standards for myself and was always criticizing and pushing my limits. It wasn't until I really let go of the judgement that I started seeing improvement in my body. After a year of yoga I feel like a different being! It took almost a year of listening to my body before I unlocked some lifelong tightness in my hips and legs.

    I enjoy your L1 practice very much and look forward to starting your L2!

    Thank you!