Friday, January 22, 2010

Where do I start?

This is my first blog on ZennerYoga and the purpose of the blogs will be informational. I want to share with you tips for success, answers to student questions, helping you along as we face challenges along our journey as well as share good news stories! The intent is to help lead you toward improved confidence, reduced anxiety and stress, learning how to let things “go”, staying in the moment, and really opening up our body and mind. As you see yourself evolve you should see that translate into your everyday life and also in your horsemanship journey: moving toward improved balance, lighter communication and improved confidence.

I received a question from a new student a few weeks ago that asked me, “As I watched the lesson on the poses, I realize I do not know most of them. I also realize I am not in quite good enough shape right now to do them all. Would you suggest I work on learning the poses or muddle through the workout and do the best I can?”

We all must begin somewhere! The reason I developed Level One Vinyasa Flow Yoga was for students to start! As Nike says “Just Do It”. Several of my students come to my class not knowing the postures and at an entry point can do some of the postures better than other postures and in some cases can’t do some of the postures at all. It takes time for your mind and body to open up so you need to allow yourself to start, allow yourself to learn, allow your body to feel awkward. It is all a part of the process! If you are in the same situation as this student, what I recommend is to take the first several weeks and physically do the instructional portion of the video only. Do the poses along with my student Judith as I instruct, they are postures only not the flow so it will not move as fast as the asana practice with me in a later chapter. Starting this way, will allow you to start absorbing the actual posture and better hear my words on alignment, also take the posture booklet to the mat with you. I designed the booklet so that you can take it to the mat and help you visualize the postures in a still photo rather than on video. I would do the instructional portion of the video 2 or 3x/week and additionally, yes Additionally, at least 2x/week find yourself a comfortable seated position and view only the asana practice with me. I want you to breathe with me using your Ujjayi Pranayama breath, concentrate only on your breath and imagine yourself performing the postures rather than me. When you feel you are ready begin doing the practice yourself, just start! Always remember to listen to your body and take shorter stances if needed, don’t go as deep into a posture and always feel free to take child's pose, reconnect with your breath, and rejoin the practice when you are ready.
This is what that same student wrote to me yesterday!

“I have the postures figured out and can hold that downdog for as long as you.....some of the time. It is still hard for me to breath right and to move from pose to pose with any kind of grace. It is tough to go to the low plank. My arms are not quite strong enough yet.
Thanks for a good DVD.”

Remember this is a process… your journey… take the time it takes!

Let me know how you are coming along in your practice and what you are noticing in your everyday life and horsemanship. Join ZennerYoga Facebook group and post your progress or write me with questions at This will help me help you and others at the same time!

Be Blessed,

Theresa Zenner

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